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"What a wonderful gift, daughter. Be well."
—Trigon's final words to Raven.

Trigon, also known as Trigon the Terrible, was an ancient and immensely powerful inter-dimensional demon. He was the husband of Arella and is the father of Raven and the sons of Trigon.


Early life[]

Many years ago, a cult of Satanists used a ritual known as "The Bride of Satan" to temporarily summon Trigon, who took the form of a man. Per the Satanists' intent, Trigon intended to take and impregnate Arella, to which she agreed upon seeing his human form. On the night of consummation, Trigon revealed his true form, to Arella's horror, and impregnated her. After, Arella fled from the cult and went on the run. She was approached by people from the inter-dimensional realm of Azarath and given a new start. There as Arella, she raised her and Trigon's daughter, Raven. Raven didn't fit in and thought if she found out more about her father, she would be able to make more sense of herself. Instead, she accidentally brought Trigon to Azarath. Trigon destroyed Azarath and killed its residents then took Raven back with him to his realm and domain, a hellish universe. He attempted to use her to open a portal to Earth so he may conquer it, Raven managed to entrap him in his crystal. Trigon desired Earth but needed a powerful conduit to open Earth to his control. Since Raven was half-human, she could serve as that conduit. Trigon underestimated Raven's magic and was trapped inside his crystal. Raven sealed the crystal within a floating structure that only she could open.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans[]

Raven wanted a home and went to Earth. She was taken in by Starfire at the Titans Tower. Without asking, Raven placed a protective spell on all the Titans to prevent Trigon from corrupting them. Trigon sent his sons, the Corruptors, to Earth in search of the means to his rising, Raven and the Infernal Shrine. While the possessed Superman unearthed the shrine 60 miles north of Kahndaq City in the Middle East, the others found Raven at a carnival and told her to go to the hill beyond the tent. Trigon made contact and declared it was their destiny to be together because they were family. He implored her to bring him to Earth. She refused and vowed to fight him at every step. The Corruptors opened fire on her.

Trigon mocked her for letting herself become weak and lonely and aligning with chattel. He found it beneath his contempt and vowed she would know his glory. The other Teen Titans joined her in battle until she eventually used her soul self to banish the Corruptors. Raven teleported the Titans to Azarath to shield themselves from Trigon and reveal her origins to them. They returned to the Tower but the Justice League (excluding Green Lantern, Aquaman, Shazam, Hawkman and Martian Manhunter) arrived and wanted to take Raven into their custody. Robin objected but the stand off was interrupted by the Corruptors, who possessed the League. Trigon anticipated that the League would try to take Raven, and had his corruptors waiting to grab them; but Batman, saved himself by injecting himself with nerve toxin for Bane forcing the Corruptor out of him. all at once. The possessed League threatened to kill the Titans but Raven agreed to go to the Infernal Shrine. Raven flew to the shrine and powered it. 24 hours later, Cyborg and the Titans implemented their plans and freed Superman of Corruptor control by stabbing him with a shard of kryptonite. He then freed Wonder Woman and the Flash but they were too late. The shrine generated a massive portal and Trigon emerged from it. He marched towards Kahndaq City Metropolis Keystone City and Gotham City. Raven knew the only way stop him was get the crystal from his realm.

Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Flash attacked Trigon with boulders and their strength but it did little to deter Trigon. He didn't acknowledge them and continued to Kahndaq. Not even Superman's heat vision could stop him. He lay waste to the city, projecting energy blasts from his eyes, as the League continued in vain to try and fight back. Trigon reached out to Raven and promised to strip the flesh from the bones of the Justice League then her friends. He vowed Earth and all the souls on it would soon belong to him. He implored her to give up because she was weak like her mother. Raven countered her only weakness was loving him and hoping he would love her in return. She declared she found friends she would give her life for, friends who gave her the love and strength to stop him again. Raven chose a shard of the crystal and asked Azarath for her strength to contain Trigon. Raven's soul self crossed over to Kahndaq City Metropolis Keystone City and Gotham City and enveloped Trigon. Trigon attempted to fight back but he was pulled back to his realm into the shard. Trigon was irate and vowed it would never be over. He would keep trying to escape.

Raven elected to stay in Trigon's realm and watch over the shard. It would be her home. Robin quoted Robert Frost and convinced Raven that her home was with the Titans on Earth. Raven decided to wear the shard on her forehead like a chakra. In a way, they were together as he wanted. Trigon screamed for his release and vowed to get out and kill everyone she loved. Raven continued to ignore him and partied with Cyborg and the other Titans on pizza night.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Throughout the course of the movie, Trigon continues to torment Raven, who struggles in keeping Trigon at bay inside of her. While Raven was having a private conversation with Damian Wayne, she reveals that Trigon wishes to kill him, wanting to strip Raven of anything or anyone that brings her joy, which is why she chose not to accompany him to the League of Assassins. As Raven continues to use her powers, she is left in a weakened state due to her internal conflict with Trigon.

When the resistance force attacks LexCorp in search of the boom tube and Lex Luthor in his battle suit hurts Damian, Raven momentarily loses control and a portion of Trigon emerges, which destroys Luthor's suit and almost kills him, but Clark Kent's words help her regain control. When Damian checks on Raven, Trigon briefly emerges to declare that he will kill Damian, before being subdued by Raven completely.

When Damian Wayne is seemingly killed by Darkseid, Raven loses her mind and Trigon is freed from his bondage. John Constantine undergoes his plan of using his magic to deal with Trigon, keeping him in a state where his bondage is not completely broken, but he is still on the outside of Raven's body. Constantine offers Trigon his body as a host, but Trigon exclaims that he has a better idea, using Clark Kent's body as a host and swiftly killing Constantine afterwards by snapping his neck. Having taken over Superman's body and getting rid of the liquid Kryptonite that left him de-powered, Trigon turns his attention to Darkseid, interested in fighting him to see how powerful a New God is. The two begin fighting as Trigon quickly gains the upper hand.

After the death of Lois Lane on Earth, Clark Kent's reaction forces Trigon out of his body and he reassumes control, and Trigon's entity (in the form of smoke) is trapped inside a sphere created by Darkseid's omega beam. While Superman fights Darkseid, Cyborg hatches a plan of transporting Darkseid and his forces into a black void, but the heroes refuse to leave Superman behind despite Darkseid needing to be distracted for it to work. Constantine and Raven hatch the idea of using Trigon, combining their magic to grant Trigon a physical form, and Trigon takes over the fight with Darkseid, ordering Superman to leave unless he wants to "get through him to get to Darkseid".

Trigon and Darkseid resume their battle, with Trigon gaining the upper hand quickly, determined to defeat Darkseid and gain his position as top in the universe. Before Raven is transported to Earth by Cyborg, Trigon thanks her for this gift and tells her to be well, and Raven says goodbye to her father. Darkseid tries to escape before he is pulled into the black void, but Trigon pulls him inside along with himself, becoming trapped there for all eternity along with Cyborg, still fused with Apokolips, and the genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday Paradooms.

Physical appearance[]

Most of the time, Trigon has an appearance as a tall and heavily muscular humanoid with red skin and black marks on his body. He has burning amber yellow pupil-less eyes, flowing white hair, black horns which are bent to front and slightly up with forked ends.


Trigon is viewed as an ultimate personification of cruelty, ruthlessness, conquest, and destruction, bent on conquering the entire universe as well as Earth.

He has proven to be manipulative and adept, such as when he had his demons possess the Justice League to get to Raven, and his threat to kill Damien if Raven didn't eventually release him. He is very arrogant, though he has immense god-like power and a level of craftiness to somewhat back this ego up. He's apparently also hard to impress even when meeting other beings on a similar power level to himself; he was only mildly interested to meet a New God for the first time when encountering Darkseid but stated that he was overall unimpressed. He apparently has a sense of warrior pride and even a vague semblance of honor, shown during his duel with Darkseid where he ultimately enjoyed having an opponent who was closer to his level to fight, and when he merely told Superman to leave the fight to him or challenge him for the right to end Darkseid.

Trigon largely cares about no-one but himself, and has absolutely no empathy in him. He notably saw Arella as nothing more than a tool, effectively discarding her once Raven was conceived, and murdering her along with the other inhabitants of Azarath. Raven notes that Trigon is incapable of giving love to others, and only knows how to bring others pain, herself being no exception. Despite his ways are very much like Darkseid , Trigon has proven to be somehow less malevolent than the latter and still has normal feelings and can express them straight like he express gratitude to his daughter. He is also more honorable and can keep his word as he fights with Darkseid after was freed by Raven and John.

Trigon also carries a strong hatred and desire to kill Damian Wayne. This is because he is aware of his daughter’s feelings for him, knowing that if Damian were to die, Raven’s emotional grief will weaken his bonds and free him from his prison. Because of this, he regularly threatened Raven that if she did not release him he would murder Damian, as a means of coercing his daughter into freeing him. It’s also implied that Trigon simply wanted to kill Damian for being the greatest source of happiness in Raven’s life.

This incarnation of Trigon has a toxic sense of attachment toward his daughter, genuinely regarding her in his own demonically twisted way as something more than a mere object or tool. Trigon actively wants the two of them to be together, believing they're destined as kin to be united this way - he notably displayed this attitude when he took Raven away to his dimension after destroying Azarath, and when they first met again following her departure from his dimension. Most notably, Trigon himself never threatens or even physically harm Raven herself even when irate at her, instead threatening grievous harm, death and endless torture on her loved ones and threatening to make her watch it all. Trigon likewise isn't at all above inflicting emotional and psychological harm to Raven to beat down her attempts to thwart him. In these respects, Trigon was as insensitive to his daughter's feelings as to anyone else. He expresses disgust at what Raven has become since joining the Teen Titans, thinking it's made her weak and lonely and deeming her "align[ment] with chattel" to be beneath his contempt, and he apparently wants her to become something else he considers more worthy of his daughter. The only real time Trigon was observed giving Raven a sincere compliment or comfort was when he thanked her and bade her be well for providing him a fight with Darkseid as a "gift".

Powers and abilities[]


  • Demon physiology: Trigon is an immensely powerful demon and holds a great deal of demonic power, making him a demonic pagan deity and to be worshiped by demonic Satanists as well as Satanists of other races. Due to his unique origin and mystical nature of his power, his might and abilities far exceed those such as Superman and Wonder Woman as well as scientific deities, such as Darkseid. He was able to overpower Darkseid without any difficulty.
    • Immortality: Trigon is immortal, having been alive since ancient times and it is unknown if he can be killed. Given that Raven had to imprison him means there may be no method of permanently destroying him yet. Given his affiliation for the Old Magics, it is unknown if he even can be killed.
    • Incomprehensible Strength: He has immense strength, which cannot be rivaled by anyone. He was able to swat Superman and Wonder Woman like flies when in his full size. He has even able to overpower the strongest of New God, Darkseid, defeating him while possessing Superman. He could easily overpower and ragdoll Darkseid even in his human-sized form with tremendous ease as well as make him clearly bleed, a feat which was unable entire Justice league without great effort.
    • Invulnerability: Trigon is truly invulnerable and is immune to physical trauma. He was attacked by the combined power of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash, which the first punching him without holding back only resulted by push him a bit back and the last succeeding at tilting his head, and it barely annoyed him. Even the strongest blows from Darkseid were not able to damage him and at most annoyed him.
    • Flight: During his final battle with Darkseid, Trigon has shown to be able to levitate and fly with high speed easily keep up with that latter.
    • Mystical manipulation: As an ancient inter-dimensional demonic entity, Trigon has vast supernatural powers. He commented that the Justice League and Teen Titans combined were less than insects if they were fighting him.
      • Demonic magic: He is a master of demonic magic and can manipulate supernatural forces for a variety of reality-warping effects. Within moments of entering Azarath, he unleashed an incredible burst of energy to such a degree that destroyed that entire Azerath realm in instant.
      • Shape-shifting: He is naturally a very gigantic humanoid demon, which contributes to his physical power. However, he is able to use his powers to take on a human's stature and even fully take on a human form, as he did when he encountered Arella.
      • Elemental Manipulation: He can manipulate the weather and the air. He can even generate fire and electricity.
        • Electrokinesis: When he rose to Earth, his body was covered with demonic electricity.
        • Pyrokinesis: As a demon, he has power over infernal flames.
        • Weather manipulation: While possessing Weather Wizard, he was able to conjure up vast storms filled with red lightning and making it rain ice pricks. He was even able to summon up powerful tornadoes of red energy. He was even able to summon poweful demonic lightning which sent Superman flying away, injuring him in the process.
      • Power bestowal: He created the Lazarus Pits for Ra's, so as to fuel Ra's immortality. However, when Ra's were to die, he would become one of his high ranking demon commanders. When his "corrupters" possess living hosts, the hosts can channel Trigon's demonic power as well as mimic his megalomaniacal nature.
      • Vessel Possession: He is able to exert his presence on the physical world while imprisoned though shadow-like entities called "corrupters", which can possess anyone, even beings like Superman and Wonder Woman. The hosts of the corrupters develop Trigon's red skin and four eyes and can channel some of Trigon's power. He is able to take possession of various living beings and use them as his Slaves. Host, he possesses also become cleansed as he removes Kryptonite from Superman when he gains his body as a vessel.
      • Conjuration: He was able to create the Lazarus Pits for Ra's al Ghul to fuel his immortality under the condition that Ra's would become his demon commander upon Ra's permanent death.
      • Telepathy: Trigon was able to mentally communicate with Raven while he was invading earth, trying to demoralize her.
      • Energy Projection: He is able to fire mystical energy beam from his four eyes. These energy beams can match Darkseid's omega beams and even surpass them.
      • Illusion Casting: When he confronted Raven at the amusement park, he was there as an illusion to speak with her and taunt her efforts.


  • Master Combatant: Although mostly avoids direct combat and prefers to fight with his other abilities, Trigon has proven himself to be imposing combatant with millennia worth of conquering worlds and fighting other gods which is further increased his immense strength and overall power. In his giant form, he tosses aside the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman like flies with them being unable to do anything to him. His prowess was later seen when he effortlessly fights against Darkseid, who´s most powerful from New Gods, two times when he posses Superman and them in his human-sized form, being able to toss him aside like nothing make him bleed with ease which was something that entire Justice League wasn't able to do without they combined utmost effort.
  • Intelligence: Due to his extremely long lifespan, it can be easily said that Trigon possesses a considerable amount of knowledge about the universe, other worlds and their residents. He has keen foresight and is able to find out, use or manipulate events in his benefit as well as individuals as he sends his sons to possess members of Justice League to fight Teen Titans knowing that they can't defeat them and use them as hostages to force Raven to open him a portal to Earth.




  • In terms of the overall storyline, Trigon serves as the main antagonist of Justice League vs. Teen Titans and the secondary antagonist of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. In short, he serves as the secondary antagonist of the entire DCAMU.
  • This version can take on a shadow form to possess others, a trait he uses to manipulate the Justice League into fighting the Teen Titans and capture his daughter Raven. He is also revealed by a demon claiming to be Ra's al Ghul to have created the Lazarus Pits.
  • Trigon is widely considered one of the most powerful villains in the DC universe, along with Darkseid, Mallus, Barbatos, Anti-Monitor, Nekron, Great Evil Beast, and Perpetua.