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Hello everyone. This is my first blog here and I was wondering what the users on this wikia thought of the new webseries set in the same continuity as the DC Animated Movie Universe. For those that don't know, it's called Constantine: City of Demons, with Matt Ryan reprising his voice acting role as the titular character from Justice League Dark.

If that's a surprise for some, I get it. At first I thought it was meant to be a bit of a reboot for Constantine's story set in the Arrowverse but the writer of the animated series confirmed that it is set in the same continuity as the DCAMU. Here is the link to prove it: https://twitter.com/JMDeMatteis/status/979120312561356803

Regardless, what were your thoughts on the first batch of 5 episodes? Did you liked it? Did you hated it? Are you glad it is set in this continuity instead of the Arrowverse or are you disappointed for the same reasons? Do you guys think the plotline of City of Demons is set before or after the events of Justice League Dark? Would you like to see Zatanna show up in any of the next 7 episodes?

Regardless of your comments, I am listening.