Wally West is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans and a speedster who went by the name of Kid Flash.


Judas Contract - 5 Years AgoEdit

After defeating the Fearsome Five, Wally and his other teammates were driving back to Titans Tower when they noticed a portal in the sky. Dick, who was Robin at the time, sent Wally ahead to scope out the situation, who then proceeded to inform him that he needed to see what was going on for himself. After witnessing the alien skirmish, he and his team rushed in to save Starfire. Speedy sends an explosive into the portal, which swallows the Gordanians back to where they came from and sealing the breach. After the incident, Dick introduced her to the team, Wally claimed to have known some Spanish in an attempt to receive a kiss from her.


It is unknown what Wally's status is at present or if he still operates as Kid Flash after leaving the Teen Titans.


As a speedster, Wally is shown to wanting to do tasks fast, claiming that Dick was driving too slow. He also displayed an attraction to Starfire, offering her the chance to learn Spanish in exchange for a kiss.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Super speed: Through unknown means, Wally gained the ability to move at super speeds. While the extent of his power is unknown due to his limited appearance, he has shown to be fast enough to outrun a moving vehicle.
    • Tornado generation: Using his super speed, Wally is able to spin his arms in a centrifugal motion to generate tornadoes to attack his enemies. He demonstrated this ability when attacking the enemy aliens preparing to capture Starfire.


  • Multilingualism: According to him, he is able to speak Spanish, though the level of extent is unknown.

Trivia Edit