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The Watchtower (also known as Watch Tower) was a space station orbiting the Earth that served as the headquarters of the Justice League, as its replacement from the Hall of Justice.


The Watchtower was constructed in the United States to serve as a base of operations for the Justice League in space. It is set to be a replacement for the Hall Of Justice. It was first mentioned in the film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis after the league mentioned on constructing a "space station"

During the events of Reign of the Supermen, Cyborg Superman uses it as a base for his Cyber Corps. When the Justice League returned home with Lex's aid, the Watchtower suddenly greets them as intruders. The Watchtower is launched into orbit during Superman and Cyborg Superman's fight aboard the station. It was damaged to a degree as a result of the battle, but was presumably repaired by the Justice League afterwards. During the Apokolips War it was destroyed by Paradooms and Darkseid.




  • This is the third time the Justice League Watchtower appears in the DC Animation world, after the DCAU by Bruce Timm, Justice League Crisis On Two Earth and its sequel Justice League: DOOM.
  • John Constantine and Zatanna shared a bedroom.
  • The Watchtower's Hangar is large enough to house at least 3 Javelins, the Justice League's spacecrafts.
  • It's design is nearly identical to the Watchtower in the DC Animated Universe with the difference being a darker colour grey that the DCAU's version.