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Wonder Woman and Silver Swan vs. Medusa is a battle between Wonder Woman and Silver Swan against the Gorgon Medusa.


When Diana Prince, Steve Trevor, and Etta Candy were on a mission to find Themyscira, they realized that Silver Swan was secretly following them, so Wonder Woman had no choice but to go out and fight. She tried to convince Vanessa that there is still a chance to do the right thing and that the current Vanessa wasn't her true identity, but unfortunately, Vanessa rejected Diana's words and continued to fight her for Dr. Poison. The battle didn't last for that long since Wonder Woman, Silver Swan and the others arrived to Themyscira, Medusa arrives at that scene where Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons were under Medusa's attack.

Wonder Woman very surprised and couldn't believe to see Medusa alive since Perseus killed Medusa, but unfortunately, Medusa mentioned that she was born again and continuously turned the Amazons into stones. Diana told her to cease and that there is another path no matter what Dr. Poison or Dr. Cyber did and that they don't have to be enemies, but just like Vanessa, Medusa rejected it and still thought the Amazons as enemies. She also said that she will turn Diana's mother and her allies into stones which Wonder Woman said that she will never allow, this was when the battle began in order for her to protect her loved ones.

During the Battle[]

After some scenes of the battle, Wonder Woman started to suffer some poisonous injuries when she was bitten by Medusa's snakes, it was also the cause for Wonder Woman to be weakened during the battle. At the same time, the Amazons and Hippolyta were watching the battle through a magical mirror, they were very concerned about Diana despite the fact that it's a very high chance that she will lose. Back in the battle, Medusa was looking for Wonder Woman since she was hidden somewhere in Themyscira's buildings, that's when Vanessa was first seen in the fight.

Medusa went after her instead of Diana and grabbed Vanessa so she can poison her. On the other hand, after Wonder Woman came back out of the building to fight back, she spotted Medusa harming Vanessa, Diana was very enraged and came to Vanessa's defense by slicing some of Medusa's snake hair off. Nonetheless, she successfully saved her, but instead, Medusa's hair started to harm Diana instead, but luckily it didn't last long and Diana freed herself by throwing Medusa over to the buildings.

Medusa then started to compel Silver Swan to look at her, but Wonder Woman tried to prevent that from happening by making Vanessa unable to see Medusa through her. This gave the influence for Medusa to make Diana look at her first, but just like Silver Swan, Diana refused and instead, she poison her own eyes with one of Medusa's hair piece that was fallen off. In good hands, Diana's poisoned eyes were able to protect her from being turned into a stone no matter how many times or how long she stared at Medusa for the whole battle. Silver Swan spotted the fight between Diana and Medusa feeling anxiously.

The she and the Amazons watched over Diana miserably. They (mostly the Amazons) were worried that she could not survive this, Hippolyta on the other hand, knew that she wouldn't and she knew that her daughter will sacrifice her own life to fight and will die like a true Amazon. Yet, Hippolyta was very worried for her daughter and hoped that she will survive. Back in the fight, Vanessa was thinking if she should join the battle, and yet, her decision was made when it was right before Medusa nearly killed Diana and so she decided to stand by her friend and fight by her side in order to defeat the Gorgon. Together, they made up a plan and Medusa was finally decapitated again for once and forever.


Hippolyta sees Diana after the Gorgon was defeated. She was proud of her and reunites with her daughter. As a result, Diana and Vanessa have a very closer relationship and Diana becomes champion of Themyscira.