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Zoe Lawton was the daughter of Floyd Lawton.


Her mother is never mentioned.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay[]

Zoe had a strained relationship with her father and during his sentence, she returned all of his mail. Her father snuck into her dormitory only to find her roommate who replied that she often sneaks out usually to a warehouse and sometimes has a small amount of weed. Her roommate also added that she had said that she is like her father, who likes to live dangerously but she also hates him a bit. At the end of the film, she is seen talking with her roommate, but when they find her father standing across the street, her roommate ditches her and promptly gestures for her to go. It's unknown how their relationship will be even after her father is on parole.

She maybe later got killed along with her mother by Paradooms during the Apokolips War, after her father tries to protect her from the Paradooms.


Zoe Lawton